Critical Illness cover, how it worked for Wendy

Wendy takes good care of herself and one day noticed a small lump in her breast. She saw her doctor who said she needed to see a specialist. As Wendy had Southern Cross health insurance she could see a specialist straight away.

The specialist ordered a biopsy and unfortunately found the lump to be malignant. He recommended breast removal and reconstruction. Following the surgery Wendy required chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

That was the bad news. The good news was that Wendy made a full recovery and, as she had Southern Cross health insurance, she was covered for most of her medical costs.1

In addition, Wendy had been paying less than $5 a week for Critical Illness cover.2 She therefore received a $100,000 payout as a lump sum, which covered childcare, a housekeeper and loss of income while she was recovering.

Wendy’s medical care costs

Here are the procedures Wendy had and the average costs if she had to pay herself.3

Breast cancer

Service description  Avg price incl. GST 
Initial consultation - general or breast surgeon
Ultrasound guided core biopsy of breast
Follow up consultation - general or breast surgeon $108
Simple mastectomy & reconstruction - one breast
1 episode of chemotherapy $22,473
1 episode of radiotherapy $17,978
Total $70,597

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1 Exclusions apply. For full details on the limitations or other conditions that may apply please refer to the relevant policy document.

2 Price based on a 35 year old woman non-smoker choosing a Critical Illness Maximum of $100,000. For full terms and conditions including limitations or exclusions that apply please refer to the Critical Illness policy document. You can view this online or
request a copy by calling us. The Critical Illness policy can only be purchased in conjunction with a health insurance policy underwritten by Southern Cross Medical Care Society.

3 All costs are indicative and are Southern Cross average claims costs incurred between July 2010 and June 2011. Cover for these procedures depends on the plan type. For full details please refer to the relevant policy document.