KiwiCare is a shared cover plan that is only available to members in some corporate groups. You will need to contact Southern Cross or your adviser to check if your employer offers these plans.

The plan provides a contribution towards cancer care, surgical treatment, consultations, diagnostic imaging, tests and some recovery. Shared cover means you and Southern Cross each pay some of the costs of the healthcare you receive. 

To help reduce your premiums, you can add KiwiCare Budget where a $100 excess is deducted from the refund of the total of all claims submitted at one time.

Product summary

You will be reimbursed for 80% of expenses (unless otherwise stated) for eligible healthcare services, up to the policy limits.


A few details to help you compare plans

Cancer care


Surgical procedures

$100,000 per operation

Cardiac surgery

$100,000 per operation



Diagnostic imaging and tests






Non-surgical treatment


Overseas treatment allowance

No cover

Day-to-day healthcare

No cover

Vision and dental healthcare

No cover

Obstetrics allowance

No cover

Qualifying pre-existing conditions

After 3 years

† Prosthesis maximums apply.
* Must be performed within 6 months after related eligible surgical treatment or cancer care to be covered.

Compare plans 

To see more benefit details and compare with our other plans, please refer to the corporate comparison chart.

Plan documents and more information

For full details on the terms and conditions (and exclusions), please refer to the following documents or contact us.

bsiconKiwiCare benefit summary

pdiconKiwiCare and RegularCare policy document

bsiconBudget excess factsheet