A competitive edge you can get for your business

Let’s face it, without a committed team, business is going to be tough. It’s harsh, but true.

Research shows that employees with subsidised health insurance manage their health more actively than those without*.
Also, waiting time for elective surgeries is halved for employees with health insurance*. Subsidised health insurance can reduce their time off work for medical reasons by one day, per employee, per year*. So let’s do the math - if you have thirty employees, you could potentially save one month per year.

First things first - attract the best staff. Our most recent TNS survey on employer benefits of health insurance* revealed one third of people say, when choosing a new employer, subsidised health insurance is more important than recommendations from friends and family, and even reputation. So offering subsidised Southern Cross health insurance for your employees can give your business a competitive recruiting advantage over other businesses that don’t offer this employee benefit.

Secondly, 9 out of 10 employers believe wellness initiatives have an impact on productivity and effectiveness**. Plus it can also serve as an additional reason for them to stay with you, reducing the costs of employee turnover*.

Engaged and productive staff, the recruiting drawcard, lower employee turnover – sounds like a competitive edge to us.

*Understanding the employer benefits of health insurance, TNS, August 2015, survey of over 2,300 New Zealanders in full-time employment
**Wellness in the Workplace Survey, 2015

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