Five things they don't tell you about being pregnant

You’re having a baby, congratulations. Now you’ve got the next ten months to plan and prepare for your bundle of joy. Yes it’s closer to ten months, not nine and that’s the first wee fact they tend not to tell you. In fact, there are lots of very handy bits of information that your doctor, friends and mum somehow forget to mention. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are the top five things you really should know.

Grab the tissues

You will cry, a lot. Happy crying, sad crying and crying for absolutely no reason at all. You can be set off by anything, the news, or even an ad on TV. But you can’t control it and it happens to all of us, so just go with it.

bellyIt's more than a belly

We all know our bodies will change, but it’s how they change that can be surprising. On the positive side your nails and hair will never look better. They’ll grow fast and strong. And within weeks of finding out you’re pregnant you’ll look like you’ve had a boob job.

However, you will start thickening up in strange places. At first it may be around your rib cage, the back of your hips and then your tummy. Which is ok, but you don’t generally look pregnant until around four months, so it’s more like you just gave up on the gym and took up eating donuts.

Take cover

At some stage you will go a bit crazy. There will be no warning, it’ll just happen. You may just wake up and feel the burning desire to clean out all the cupboards or reorganise the garage, even though it’s 3am. You’re not nuts, you’re nesting.

When this happens, let your partner know how you’re feeling, then explain your expectations of them (which will be for them to jump into action right now), but this is unlikely to happen. From there write a list of all the things that need doing and prioritise them. Then see what you can do yourself and what you need help with. By the time you get to things on the list, the urge may have passed.

Tummy grumbling?

The list of ‘what not to eat’ is endless and it’s really tough to find healthy options when you’re out and about. So here are three things from convenient places:

Service station: Any fruit, so long as you wash it.
Dairy: Nuts and dried fruit. They are actually pretty filling and full of protein.
Cafe: Soup and a hunk of bread is great. It’s tasty and filling.
Just remember to avoid seafood – sorry.

You're not alone

Even though you spend endless hours preparing and planning for your child’s arrival, you’ll still have sleepless nights worrying about all the things that could go wrong. It’s like living in a B grade horror movie. But don’t worry, we can help you rest easy. We have Wellbeing plans especially for you and your little people, so if anything should go wrong, we’re here for you.

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