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The value of values

Monday, 23 April 2018 by the Southern Cross team


Now that the new year has kicked in, many of us are setting goals and priorities for the coming year. But while we might make (and break) our New Year’s resolutions, it’s the perfect time to pause and think about what’s really important to you and your business.

Our personal values play a subtle, but powerful, role in our lives. They shape our behaviour and having a better awareness of them can help us discover more about ourselves and gain a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction in our careers.

Encouraging your staff to be present to their own values can enhance both your business culture and staff performance. People usually are more motivated and productive when they feel that what they’re doing really matters. So here are some tips to help bring values to work:

  • Walk the talk.Start by taking time to reflect on and identify your own personal values. The more you know about yourself, the easier it may be to inspire others.
  • Start by sharing. Including a values exploration activity during onboarding encourages new staff to identify their key motivators.

Commit to success. Look for ways to help your team accomplish both professional and personal goals during their time at work. This could be part of a structured wellbeing programme, or simply by factoring personal goals into development plans.

The Harvard Business Review offers an excellent article on starting a values conversation in your business. Read it here.


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