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Research results 'Employment benefits in New Zealand'

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 by the Southern Cross team


The survey, undertaken in December 2017, asked 141 employers* about the employment benefits they offered, their relative importance and their preferred funding approaches, and 1,057 employees* about their access to and uptake of a range of employment benefits, the benefits' relative importance, and their willingness to share the costs of premiums. The survey was undertaken by Clarity Insight on behalf of Southern Cross Health Society.

Key findings

The 'very important' employment benefits


The employment benefits available

  • According to employers, the most common benefits they offer are flexible working and physical wellbeing programmes.
  • Employees say that physical and mental wellbeing programmes are the most common benefits they receive

Best staff retention benefits

Almost a third of employees believe flexible working is the best benefit for retaining staff, followed by health insurance

Promoting wellbeing

  • Employers are clearly interested in employee wellbeing: 82% say they offer physical wellbeing management programmes, 72% mental wellbeing initiatives and 41% physical wellbeing activites


  • Around 60% physical wellbeing management and mental wellbeing programmes as 'very important'. However, only 21% say physical wellbeing activities are very important



Motivation for choosing benefits

Employers offer health insurance mainly because it's part of being a good employer.

*The 'employers' were key decision-makers in businesses that provided Southern Cross health insurance schemes. The 'employees' were active members of Southern Cross health insurance schemes.


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