A guide for administrators

Your dedicated Southern Cross account team will support you to administer your work scheme. You can contact your Phone Sales Consultant or Account Manager if you have any queries about your work scheme.

Employee enquiries 

about claimsprior approval, updating details, and more.

Employees joining  or leaving

  • New member joining enquiries: 0800 438 268
  • If you’d like an induction presentation for new employees, contact your Southern Cross Field Sales Consultant.
  • Let us know the details of newly eligible or joining employees or for employees leaving your organisation or who are no longer eligible.
  • We’ll adjust your premium payments based on the information you provide.

Work Scheme Gateway

An online tool that makes it easy and convenient for you to manage your company’s health insurance scheme. Contact your Southern Cross Administrator to register and get:

  • a personalised overview of your work scheme
  • real-time information about your scheme, including all contact details, subsidy arrangements, and a list of employees who are active members
  • the ability to manage invoices and billing, and
  • secure access and data protection.


  • Details about the payment process are available here
  • Tip: Keep your group code handy as this is your reference for any payments.

Support and resources

  • We have information readily available for you to share with your employees about your work scheme.
  • We’ll give you all the marketing support you need to let your staff know about the benefits of health insurance and any promotions that could benefit your staff.
  • You can contact your Southern Cross Field Sales Consultant to arrange regular visits to your workplace for your staff.
  • We have a range of health education resources available for you to share with your staff.
  • Tip: Subscribe to receive Healthy people eNewsletter - for healthy lifestyle articles and helpful information for work scheme administrators.

Any queries, contact us today

For any queries about your work scheme, contact your Phone Sales Consultant or Account Manager.

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