Our health insurance plans

Things to consider when choosing your health insurance plan

  • Do you only want cover for major medical expenses, such as surgery and related costs?
  • Do you want cover for surgery, specialist visits, diagnostic tests and imaging?
  • Do you want extensive cover for surgery, specialist visits, diagnostic tests, imaging and day-to-day healthcare (eg doctors visits and prescriptions)?

Some plans are modular, which means you can pick and choose from various options to build a plan that fits your needs and budget. 

Why choose Southern Cross?

Plan choices

Day-to-day health cover


Our new day-to-day health cover that covers you for 75 per cent of GP consultations, dental and optical, physiotherapy, dietitian, acupuncture, chiropractor, osteopathy and remedial massage costs up to the policy limits. Find out more.

Major medical cover 

Extensive cover

Wellbeing One

Cover for surgery and related expenses (6 months before or after surgery)
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Wellbeing Two

Cover for surgery,consultations, imaging and tests and optional day-to-day healthcare
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Extensive cover for surgery,consultations, imaging and tests and
day-to-day healthcare
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Shared cover

Lower premiums, but you pay a higher contribution towards your healthcare costs.


Shared cover for some of the costs
of surgery, consultations
and diagnostic tests
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Shared cover for
some of the costs of surgery, consultations,
diagnostic tests, and
day-to-day healthcare
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A higher level of 
shared cover for some of the costs of surgical
treatment and day-to-day healthcare
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More plans are offered through work schemes. Find out more

We have two plans available through our advisers:  VIP and FirstCover plans

Trim costs by:

  • choosing an ‘excess’ option, which means you’ll pay a fixed amount per claim or per claims year
  • choosing a ‘shared cover’ plan, so you pay for some of your treatment costs yourself
  • checking if your employer has a Southern Cross work scheme

Critical Illness plans 

Critical Illness is complementary to health insurance. Our Critical Illness plan pays a one-off lump sum to give you a financial boost if you are diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness event (such as cancer or stroke).  Find out more

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