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7 days a week, 7am - 7pm

CareHQ is a new online consultation service that brings GP care to you and your family no matter where you are. Seeing a CareHQ GP is super easy as consultations take place over your phone, tablet or computer. You could be at work, home or on holiday – in fact, anywhere. Plus, CareHQ is available outside of normal practice hours.

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Why you can trust CareHQ with your health

CareHQ has been made possible by Southern Cross Health Insurance and ProCare.

Together, our organisations are already trusted by over one million Kiwis. Southern Cross is here to help New Zealanders live their healthiest lives, and by giving them fast and easy access to a GP in a convenient, cost-effective way, we’re doing just that.

Three reasons to choose CareHQ

Care that fits your life – CareHQ is here to help with your medical needs – infections, anxiety, flu, stomach-ache, prescriptions, off-work certificates and so much more.

7-7-7 service

CareHQ provides you and your family with fast and easy access to a GP, 7 days a week, 7am - 7pm, every day of the year. As all appointments are via an online consultation there’s no need to travel to a clinic. The beauty of CareHQ’s booking system is that you can choose to see the next available GP or book a consultation for a later date. Simply choose an appointment slot that works best for you.

$55 inc. GST when
booked through the
Southern Cross app

Great care, better value

As a Southern Cross member, you get a little perk – a discount of 15% if you access CareHQ via the My Southern Cross app – that’s a saving of $10 per consultation off the standard CareHQ price of $65. And that’s not a one-off discount, it applies for every consultation booked via the app.

Proudly home-grown

All of the doctors at CareHQ are experienced, New Zealand-registered GPs. In most circumstances, they can provide you with the medical care and advice you need – for infections, anxiety, flu, stomach-ache, prescriptions, off-work certificates and so much more.

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For Southern Cross members

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GP and after-hours care 7 days a week, every day of the year, 7am - 7pm

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$55 - one flat rate via the My Southern Cross app

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Claim for your CareHQ appointment if you have GP cover in your plan

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No busy waiting rooms or travel

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Choose whether you see a GP ‘now’ for the next available appointment or book a future appointment

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Whatever your medical need, CareHQ is available from wherever you are

CareHQ is for business too

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Saves your employees valuable time - no busy waiting rooms or travelling

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Take care of your employees' wellbeing every day of the year – CareHQ is 7 days a week, 7am - 7pm

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Costs less than traditional urgent and after-hours care* plus 15% off the standard CareHQ price for members via the My Southern Cross app

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Employees working remotely from a rural office or working from home? No problem - CareHQ brings the GP to your employees virtually!

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Support your employee health and wellbeing with CareHQ. Talk to your Southern Cross Account Manager or Adviser today

*Based on the cost of a casual walk-in consultation

Here’s how CareHQ works:

My Southern Cross App
Step 1:

Open the My Southern Cross app, click on CareHQ virtual consultation. You can book an appointment for today or for a later date, whatever suits you best. You’ll only be charged once your consultation has been completed.

CareHQ link
Step 2:

CareHQ will send you a link when the GP is ready to see you. Simply tap on this to start your consultation on the device of your choice – your phone, computer or tablet.

Payment Receipt
Step 3:

Your payment receipt will be emailed to you and if you need a prescription it will be sent straight to your preferred pharmacy.

Keeping your details safe

When you access CareHQ via the My Southern Cross app, we’ll ask your permission to securely transfer your personal information, such as your name, gender and date of birth and contact details to CareHQ. This is for the sole purpose of the virtual health consultation. Once transferred to CareHQ, CareHQ’s Privacy Policy will apply to any data you enter within the CareHQ app. You may at any time request access to, or (if necessary) correction of, any personal information about you held by CareHQ by contacting

Rest assured, no health information (including the details of any virtual consultation) will be shared between Southern Cross and CareHQ, and the only information that Southern Cross will ever receive from CareHQ is non-identifiable aggregated data to keep us informed of the number of members accessing the CareHQ app via the My Southern Cross app.

Frequently asked questions

I'm a Southern Cross member, do I need to enrol or register with CareHQ?

You'll still be enrolled with your usual practice, using CareHQ does not change this. There is no requirement for you to enrol with CareHQ as they're not an enrolling general practice.

CareHQ simply provides you with a convenient appointment when you need one, if you're unable to see your usual GP.

Or you can find out more about joining Southern Cross.

How do I get the member discount?

Southern Cross members get a 15% discount on GP consultations with CareHQ. To receive this, you must access CareHQ through the My Southern Cross app.

To download the My Southern Cross app, go here for instructions.

Are my consultation details shared with Southern Cross?

No. CareHQ needs to collect your personal details in the CareHQ app so they can identify you and send you consultation notifications. No information about your consultation is shared with Southern Cross. Find more about CareHQ's Privacy Policy.

Personal details include your National Health Index (NHI) number, first name, last name, middle initial, gender, date of birth, email address and mobile phone number.

Why do I have to use the My Southern Cross app to access CareHQ?

You are able to access CareHQ directly, however you'll only receive the Southern Cross member discount if you go via the My Southern Cross app. This is so it identifies you as a Southern Cross member and automatically applies the discount to your consultation cost.

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