Keeping premiums affordable

Premium affordability continues to be a concern for our members. Here are some of the initiatives Southern Cross are taking to help keep your future premiums affordable.

Strengthening our Affiliated Provider programme

Affiliated Providers are doctors, specialists and facilities that provide healthcare services for members at agreed prices. Making some healthcare services ‘Affiliated Provider-only’, negotiating agreed prices, and partnering with more Affiliated Providers is one way we help to manage rising healthcare costs. We now have the support of over 1,970 Affiliated Providers across 20 specialties nationwide (as at Sep 2019). The programme helps keep rising costs in check and makes claiming and payment faster and easier for members. It has now been effective in saving an estimated $144 million dollars since July 2012*.

Recovering costs from ACC

We have a team dedicated to helping members who claim for healthcare services through ACC but are declined. By helping members with ACC reviews, Southern Cross receive reimbursement for both treatment injury and accident related surgical costs from ACC for claims it had previously declined.

As well as helping to ensure treatment costs are met by the right insurer, this helps members because they may have other entitlements under ACC, such as earnings-related compensation, rehabilitation and home help.

Regular plan reviews

We are committed to our vision of a healthier Society and continuing to provide affordable health insurance to as many Kiwis and Kiwi businesses as possible, but this means maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

Regular plan reviews help us carefully balance cover for new technologies and benefits as well as increases to existing benefits, against increased claims and procedure costs. Policy updates help us to keep plans current but also affordable, so that we can continue targeting a rate of claims at 89c to every $1 in premiums received.

Increasing online services

We’ll continue to invest in online services such as My Southern Cross and the app, as well as those for providers and business customers. Engaging with our customers digitally enables us to reduce our operating costs in the long term by encouraging self-service and reducing the cost of administering group schemes and payments to providers.

Actively promoting better health and wellbeing

We actively promote better health and wellbeing for our members in the aim of preventing healthcare problems like diabetes and heart disease – that means a healthier society, and less claims.

Read our 2019 Annual Report to learn more.

*Figures taken from 2019 Annual Report. In order to calculate the estimated price-related savings, the impact on claims of utilisation and the addition of new benefits was identified and excluded.