Southern Cross Christchurch Hospital

Southern Cross Christchurch Hospital theatre upgrades will enable more local patient capacity

Tuesday , 20 February 2024 by Carolyn Brooke

More surgeries can now happen at Southern Cross Christchurch Hospital following the refurbishment of two of its operating theatres.

The refurbishment is the first of a staged investment into a five-year plan to upgrade the hospital facilities with the theatres the first in New Zealand to be fitted with the latest Stryker technology.

One of the key benefits for specialists and patients as a result of the refurbishment will be the opportunity for more surgeries, both minor and major to be added to surgical lists.

Southern Cross Christchurch Hospital General Manager, Nicole Forster, says the upgrades will also improve the experience patients, specialists and hospital staff have in the theatre environment.

“We are delighted to be presenting two completely modernised operating theatres to the patients we care for, our specialists who operate in the theatres, and of course our staff who work in the theatres every day.

“Along with the new Stryker equipment the theatres also have new glass walls which feature local vistas of New Brighton Pier and Aoraki/Mt Cook, creating a welcoming and familiar environment for patients,” she said.

The new theatres were formally opened on 29 January 2024 with the first surgeries taking place on the same day.