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Sir Ashley Bloomfield is joining with Southern Cross to promote Pause Breathe Smile, to help children, their teachers and their communities thrive.


Pause Breathe Smile


At Southern Cross we’re committed to supporting the resilience of our tamariki, giving them tools to help with life’s ups and downs. That’s why we fully fund Pause Breathe Smile for kura and junior schools.

Sir Ashley Bloomfield has joined the team to help raise awareness of how Pause Breathe Smile can make a meaningful difference to the health and wellbeing of our children. He resolutely believes the skills kids learn while they’re young will stand them in good stead as they grow.

Sir Ashley says, “It’s clear tamariki benefit from the mindfulness skills they learn through Pause Breathe Smile, and thanks to the financial support of Southern Cross, we can help many more than the 114,000 children who have been through the programme already. With my public health hat on, I am firmly convinced of the wider community benefits.”


Sir Ashley Bloomfield

I’m delighted to support Pause Breathe Smile, a mindfulness programme for our tamariki, fully funded by Southern Cross. Together, we aim to improve wellbeing and resilience in children in kura, primary and intermediate schools throughout New Zealand – Ashley.

How it works

Pause Breathe Smile offers out-of-the-box whole-school professional learning and development (PLD) that provides everything your school needs to implement this robust, evidence-based wellbeing programme in your kura – teacher training, digital resources, and ongoing support.

Working on life's tricky hurdles

In the first two years of Pause Breathe Smile’s partnership with Southern Cross, schools research has shown significant improvements in student behaviour and wellbeing.

Want to be with us?

Bring your school on the journey of developing skills for life's tricky hurdles

If you are a parent or caregiver who would like to see this programme in your child's school, have a chat with your school leaders to find out if they are aware of Pause Breathe Smile, and share this link to show them how they can get on board.

If you are a teacher or school leader, contact Pause Breathe Smile to arrange for professional learning and development for your staff.


“The Pause Breathe Smile teacher only day was the best external professional development we have ever been engaged in. The facilitator was engaging and incredibly knowledgeable and taught all aspects of the PBS programme in a contextually relevant way.

All staff thoroughly enjoyed the PLD and came away with knowledge and skills to use personally and professionally. The PBS PLD was not only relevant to apply within classroom practice but also as part of teacher wellbeing self-practice.

We are excited to start our school’s PBS journey as we know it will have huge benefits to our diverse student wellbeing needs."

Deputy Principal, Orini School, Taupiri


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