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Fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day and make a lasting commitment to your good health

Tuesday , 13 February 2024 by Polly Inch

Traditionally a day reserved for romantic love, this Valentine’s why not spoil yourself by taking stock of your health goals.

“Conventional wisdom says that before you can love someone else, you need to love yourself first. One of the best ways we can do this is by falling head over heels for maintaining and protecting our health. Southern Cross is here to help you achieve this easily and affordably,” says Regan Savage, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Southern Cross Health Insurance.

There’s no doubt good health is a key concern for New Zealanders. The Southern Cross Healthy Futures report identified that around 10 of the top 15 issues which most trouble us are health related.

However, the report also indicated that 16 per cent of all people aged 18-29 don’t access professional medical help when they need it – and that’s a concern for the Southern Cross team. The data shows this is down to the issue confronting nearly every household; the increased cost of living .

Savage says, “The report shows 34 per cent of New Zealanders put off going to a doctor as they perceive it as too expensive. This increases to 59 per cent for students in tertiary study.”

It can be a common misconception that health insurance is about assisting individuals when they encounter more serious health events only. Southern Cross is committed to enabling New Zealanders to live healthier lives for longer, and has a range of different health insurance products, including those that provide cover for day-to-day healthcare services to make regular healthcare and self-care easier.

“The sooner you can get on to any niggles and health worries you may have, the easier it is to live the life you’re meant to with vigour and energy enabling you to walk, run or workout to stay fit and well,” says Savage.

With a global focus on health and wellness, more people today are seeking assurance they can access healthcare treatment when they need it. This has resulted in strong growth for Southern Cross over the past few years, with nearly one in every five New Zealanders (940,000+) members of the not-for-profit friendly society.

That said, Savage acknowledges household budgets are under pressure and there may be some who are reconsidering health insurance as a result.

“We understand the increased cost of living has made a real and continuing impact on our members’ lives, and we’re always keen to talk with our members to make sure they’re on the right plan for their budgetary as well as health needs. Southern Cross’ range of different health insurance products help our members find ways to live healthier years for longer by keeping their health needs covered in ways that work for them.”