Wayfinder awards

Southern Cross to celebrate the customers who best support health and wellbeing for their people

Saturday , 8 July 2023 by the Southern Cross team
  • Southern Cross Health Insurance launches the Wayfinder Awards, for businesses and organisations who put employee wellbeing first
  • SCHI is in a unique position hearing amazing stories from businesses across Aotearoa about the mahi they're doing to support their people
  • Entries opened July 5 and go through to 20 August 2023.

Southern Cross is on a mission to help more New Zealanders to live healthier lives and a key part of that proposition lies in enabling businesses throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to support their teams with affordable access to health insurance and wellbeing solutions. Having access to the care and support they need, when they need it, means employees are more present and able to contribute to the organisations they work for and the wider economy.

Kerry Boielle, Acting CEO said, “Businesses large and small are the backbone of New Zealand; keeping our economy going, and their stories of the way they look after their people need to be told. While we believe wholeheartedly in the promotion of good health and wellbeing to help New Zealanders, the one thing we don’t see quite enough of is the celebration of those people and organisations who put this at the top of their agenda.

That’s about to change, with the launch of the Southern Cross Health Insurance Wayfinder Awards. The awards are designed to shine a light on the people and organisations who harness good practices to improve their employees’ wellness, and therefore their organisations’ contribution to Aotearoa New Zealand.”

The purpose of the Southern Cross Health Insurance Wayfinder Awards is to inspire businesses with new ways of improving workplace wellbeing through celebrating organisations and leaders that demonstrate how they enhance the health and wellbeing of their people.

Boielle says, “While we are focusing on the more than 2,000 businesses which fully subsidise their people’s health insurance, we look forward to sharing widely the success stories and insights we gain from our members throughout the Wayfinder Awards. We want to be part of lifting all New Zealand businesses up by ensuring every business, small or large knows what they can do to help their employees thrive.

Boielle is excited to see how member businesses respond to the Awards and to understand what initiatives they have in place to support their teams’ health and wellbeing.

The award categories include:

  • Star Wayfarer Award: An individual who has made a meaningful contribution to improving health and wellbeing within their workplace. They inspire and initiate positive effect, regardless of their position. From motivating colleagues to join in lunchtime sports sessions to volunteering for team events or promoting diversity – this person fuels the crew’s momentum and enhances motivation.
  • True North Award: An exceptional people-leader who has improved their team’s health and wellbeing through positive leadership and by going above and beyond. They inspire, motivate, and drive meaningful change, cultivating a healthy, high performing workplace culture that delivers results. Identifying opportunities, overcoming challenges, and through compassion, they set a strong example and mentor others to reach their full potential.
  • New Horizon Awards: A trailblazing business that has innovated and implemented transformative programmes or strategies to enhance the wellbeing of its people. They are carving new paths for others to follow, showcasing the benefits of investing in the health and happiness of their people, and seeing positive results.
  • Wayfinder Small Business of the Year: A small business of 100 people or less that demonstrates commitment to the health and wellbeing of its people – using it as a core business strategy and thriving because of it. Embracing a people-first approach, they create a healthier workplace and drive tangible positive change in the lives of their people.
  • Wayfinder Medium Business of the Year: A medium business of 101-500 people.
  • Wayfinder Large Business of the Year: A large business of 500+ people.

Entries opened on 5 July 2023 and close at midnight on 20 August 2023.

Entries can be made here:

Judges will be supplied with the top five finalists in each category for consideration, with a judging day scheduled for October 30.

The inaugural awards night will then take place in Auckland on Tuesday, 21 November 2023, the evening of the Southern Cross Gather Business Conference.