Southern Cross invests In EAPworks

Friday , 6 March 2020 by Susannah Walker

Southern Cross Rehabilitation, a subsidiary of Southern Cross Hospitals, has acquired a stake in EAPworks, a leading New Zealand owned and operated mental health and wellness provider for businesses.

EAPworks offers a wide range of professional services such as workplace education and wellness strategies, counselling and psychological assistance, mental health training, career planning, mediation, trauma and crisis support.

The partnership under the Southern Cross Wellness brand underlines Southern Cross’ commitment to preventative and holistic care.

Jonathan Dixon_EAPworksSouthern Cross Hospitals CEO Terry Moore said the services offered by EAPworks complemented Southern Cross Hospitals’ core surgical business.

“As we look to broaden our scope of care, aligning with trusted partners such as EAPworks is a natural fit for Southern Cross Hospitals, Southern Cross Rehabilitation and the Southern Cross Wellness brand.

“The mental health and wellness services provided by EAPworks have an outstanding reputation among New Zealand employers and employees alike. We are delighted to join with EAPworks to support their further development and growth.

“Workplace mental health and wellbeing is an increasing area of focus for all businesses, both in terms of managing work related risks to employees’ mental health and wellbeing and also looking to better help people to thrive.”

EAPworks Managing Director Jonathan Dixon said the joint venture signalled a deep shared commitment to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders.

“Our two organisations share similar values and I am very proud to partner in business with an established, successful and reputable organisation such as Southern Cross.”

Southern Cross Hospitals has acquired a 70 per cent stake of EAPworks Ltd.

The investment follows Southern Cross’ 50 per cent acquisition of workplace health service provider MedPro Healthcare in 2018 as well as rehabilitation providers Active in 2019 and TBI Health 2016.