Southern Cross wins gold in Quality Service Awards

Tuesday , 28 November 2017 by Jo Lawrence-King

Southern Cross Healthcare Group has taken out a hat trick of golds at the Reader’s Digest annual Quality Service Awards this week.

The awards include:

  • Gold – Southern Cross Health Society in the health insurance category;
  • Gold - Southern Cross Pet Insurance in the pet insurance category; and
  • Gold - Southern Cross Travel Insurance in the travel insurance category.

Southern Cross Healthcare Group chairman Greg Gent says the awards demonstrate the Group’s commitment to excellence.

“Customer experience is something companies talk about every day but public opinion is the true test,” he says. “These awards are decided by the New Zealand public and the results clearly show that our customers are experiencing a consistently high quality of service from all three of these Southern Cross Healthcare Group businesses.”

Southern Cross Health Society and Southern Cross Pet Insurance were both the Gold Winners in their categories last year. Southern Cross Travel Insurance won silver.

“Southern Cross Healthcare Group has consistently demonstrated its focus on great customer service,” says Louise Waterson, Editor of Reader’s Digest. “The Quality Service Awards reflect an accurate snapshot of public opinion and the Southern Cross teams deserve to be proud of their achievement.”

The Quality Service Awards are judged by the New Zealand public, with 1500 Kiwis being asked to rate their service experience in 41 categories.

Rating was out of a score of 10, for personalisation (was an individual customer experience provided?), satisfaction (were the customer’s expectations met or even exceeded?), simplicity (was dealing with the company quick and easy) and understanding (was a genuine insight into the customer’s needs demonstrated?).

The research is conducted by independent research company Catalyst Market Research.