Society AGM officially welcomes CEO

Thursday , 7 December 2017 by Campbell Gibson

Southern Cross Medical Care Society held its AGM yesterday, where it affirmed its commitment to quality and affordability for its members.

Chairman Greg Gent introduced the Society’s new Chief Executive, Nick Astwick, and spoke of the organisation’s strong financial performance and the vision the Board and CEO share for its future.

Mr Astwick, who started his tenure in February, spoke about moving the organisation’s strategic focus toward the business of health and wellbeing assurance.

He referenced the success of the Affiliated Provider programme, which turned 20 this year, in upholding the member-owned organisation’s goal to provide efficiency and affordability to members.

Members re-elected existing directors Catherine Drayton and Keith Taylor. Ms Drayton, of Christchurch, is a professional, non-executive director who was first elected to the Society’s Board in 2013.

Mr Taylor, of Wellington, has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance and financial services industries as chief executive, chief financial officer and actuary. He was first elected to the Society’s Board in 2010.

Members approved an increase in the Directors’ total remuneration pool by 5% to $499,800.