Health Society statement re digital breast tomosynthesis

Tuesday , 20 September 2016 by Alistair Gray

In May Southern Cross Health Society completed a clinical assessment of digital breast tomosynthesis.

When any new technology or treatment is added to the list of benefits under our policies, it usually means a new cost to be borne by members’ premiums, which is why we carefully assess the cost and benefits of dozens of new technologies every year – and only provide cover for those that are clinically proven, effective and efficient.

The clinical assessment found that digital breast tomosynthesis was superior when used in conjunction with a traditional mammogram – i.e. that digital breast tomosynthesis can aid the diagnosis of patients who have shown abnormalities during a mammogram.

The overall recommendation from the assessment was that the Health Society formally add cover for diagnostic digital breast tomosynthesis as part of our annual benefit review process in mid-2017.