Kiwi coffee lovers prefer an instant fix

Tuesday , 30 June 2015 by Aimee Bourke

Hold onto your flat white! Despite being a country renowned for our coffee culture a new survey shows the preferred drink is instant.

A survey by Southern Cross of 1650 Kiwis showed that 46% prefer instant coffee, compared to 34% who line up for a barista-made masterpiece.

Wellingtonians were the most discerning coffee snobs with 44% drinking espresso or café coffee regularly. The capital also had the lowest rates of instant coffee consumption at 37%.

Cantabrians like their coffee fix quick with 54% regularly drinking instant coffee.

Hamilton seemed to lag behind in coffee-culture stakes with 42% of respondents not drinking coffee at all and the lowest rates nationally for espresso or café coffee consumption 28%.

Southern Cross Health Society CEO Peter Tynan said the research provided an interesting insight into the behaviour of New Zealanders.

“We know that we’re a nation of coffee drinkers – half of us are regular coffee drinkers by age 17.

“We also know that almost a quarter of us drink four or more cups of coffee every day. That’s a lot of coffee.

“While there are a lot of health benefits too much caffeine can be a bad thing, and best consumed in moderation.”

Drinking too much coffee everyday can lead to anxiety and disrupted sleep patterns and spikes in your blood pressure.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Southern Cross who is looking into the living habits of Kiwis as part of its sponsorship of new TVNZ show Kiwi Living.

“We want to get Kiwis motivated and making small changes that pay long term dividends with their health and wellbeing,” says Tynan.


The survey into New Zealanders’ Approach to Kiwi Living was conducted by TNS. The survey of 1650 New Zealanders aged over 18 was carried out in June 2015.