Hung over kiwis still show up for work

Saturday , 30 July 2022 by Aimee Bourke

New Zealanders are more likely to show up for work hung over than take a day off to nurse their sore heads.

A new survey into the living habits of 1650 Kiwis by Southern Cross found that 45% of Kiwis would front up for work hung over before taking a sick day. Only 23% said they’d take a day off.

Those from the capital were most predisposed to a mid-week tipple with 61% of Wellingtonians saying they have gone to work or university hung over.

Southern Cross Health Society CEO Peter Tynan says it’s encouraging to see the responsible drinking message is getting through - New Zealanders aren’t drinking to excess on a regular basis. 40% of people under 40 said they would have a hangover only once or twice a year, while 61 % of those over 40 were hung over only once every few years.

“We know that regularly drinking more than the daily recommended limit can have long-term adverse effects on your health. Alcohol’s harm tends to emerge after a number of years, and by then the damage can already be done.”

Unfortunately the survey, which also asked respondents what ‘remedies’ they tried, didn’t identify any hangover miracle cures, though water (67%), pain relief (57%), coffee (41%) and greasy breakfasts (40%) were all popular.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Southern Cross who is looking into the living habits of Kiwis as part of its sponsorship of new TVNZ show Kiwi Living.

“We want to get Kiwis motivated and making small changes that pay long term dividends with their health and wellbeing,” says Tynan.

Note: The survey into New Zealanders’ Approach to Kiwi Living was conducted by TNS. The survey of 1650 New Zealanders aged over 18 was carried out in June 2015.