What to drink when you're not drinking
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What to drink when you're not drinking

More New Zealanders are saying goodbye to alcohol, so we’re giving you some tips to up your mocktail game.

Our Healthy Futures research says more New Zealanders are choosing not to drink alcohol, but the days of non-drinkers being stuck with just a glass of juice or a soda to sip on are long gone.

Zero alcohol beer, wine and spirits are widely available these days, but it’s also easy to whip up something delicious and refreshing at home.

Sparkling water is easy to dress up with ice and a few delicious extras, like syrup (either homemade or from one of the many flavour options at the supermarket) or some freeze-dried citrus.

Kombucha is a refreshing option, too, with a little fizz to boot.

The mocktail is also having its moment as more people choose to abstain from alcohol. And there are so may delicious ideas available to choose from, even as we head into winter. Try this delicious one for size and you’ll be amazed by the flavour.

Pear & Ginger Fizz

One can of pear quarters in juice

2 tsp chopped fresh root ginger

2 lemons, juiced

Crushed ice


Grab 4 tall glasses and drop at least ½ cup crushed ice in each. Using a blender or a handheld mixer in a high-sided bowl or pot, blend the pears, ginger and lemon juice until smooth. Then divvy the delicious pear and ginger juice’ among the glasses of ice and top with lemonade. For a bit of extra zing sprinkle a pinch of ground ginger over each drink.


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