Pet safety in winter VIZ
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Pet safety in winter VIZ

How to keep pets and you safe on those winter walks

Our Healthy Futures research shows more New Zealanders have welcomed a pet into their lives over the past couple of years, with dogs increasing in popularity in particular.

This means more people are out and about exercising their dog, and during these winter months, that often means having to do so while it’s still dark.

But, walking your pet in the dark can come with its own challenges – it’s harder for passing cyclists and drivers to see you and your dog, and it’s also that much harder finding a dog that’s managed to ditch its leash. So, here are a few tips for making sure pets are kept safe after dark.

Get reflecting

A sure-fire way to help passing motorists see you and your dog out on a walk is to wear some high visibility clothing, so pop a reflective collar, lead, or vest on your pet – and consider some reflective clothing for yourself, too.

Light up those collars

While it’s not usually a good idea to let your dog off-lead while walking in the dark, if you’re planning to let them run around a park in the earlier hours of the morning, consider popping a light-up collar on them or attaching a light to their usual collar so you can spot them more easily in the gloom.

Make sure to remove the light-up collar or light from your dog as soon as you get home, lest they decide to chew it and ingest something they really shouldn’t.

Stay on guard

Your dog may behave differently walking at night than during the day, so stay aware of what’s around you. Keep a close eye on what your dog might be sniffing and inspecting, too – if they eat something they shouldn’t, it could be hard to tell what it was in the dark!


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