People not turning to Dr Google
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People not turning to Dr Google

Research shows people are more likely to seek advice from a health professional than the internet.

Wellbeing has been firmly front of mind for many New Zealanders through the Covid-19 pandemic, and research shows people are now more likely to seek advice from a medical professional than the internet when they have a health concern.

The Southern Cross Healthy Futures Report 2022 found a significant drop in the number of people going online to self-diagnose a health problem. That same report also showed New Zealanders are more likely to go and see a doctor immediately or within two days of becoming unwell.

While some online resources like the Southern Cross Medical Library can be useful if you’ve already been diagnosed with a condition, other internet searches could delay you getting the treatment you need.

Googling symptoms can either give people false hope that their condition isn’t serious, and they then let that condition get worse, or it can make people think they have something very serious when they don’t, causing unnecessary worry and stress.

The internet also doesn’t know people’s medical histories, which is important information when coming up with a treatment plan.

That’s why turning to a medical professional is best. You can either get peace of mind that your symptoms are benign, or you can get an effective treatment plan in place.

And if it’s not possible to get an appointment with your doctor for a few days, try a telehealth service like CareHQ and make a virtual appointment to discuss your health concerns with a GP. Southern Cross Health Insurance members can access unlimited CareHQ appointments, so let an expert triage your concerns. For even more peace of mind, Southern Cross members can also access a free annual health check with MedPro. Get on top of your health concerns today!  

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