Are you in need of a digital detox?
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How to detox from your devices

We’re all online more than ever in the wake of Covid-19, so how do we make sure we’re getting a good break from our screens? Try these tips for a digital detox for the whole family.

64% of New Zealanders say they spend too much time on their devices in their free time, an increase of 7% since 2020

Mute those notifications

Most of the apps on our smartphones aren’t essential, so try turning off their notifications. This will help remove the temptation to unlock your screen and start mindlessly scrolling.

Put your device in another room

If the urge to check your phone is still too great, try putting it on airplane or ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode – or simply put it in another room.

Set some rules

Try and reduce your reliance on devices by imposing some technology-free times on yourself, such as mealtimes or when you first wake up in the morning.

Help your kids find a healthy balance

Sit down with your kids and discuss what healthy screentime behaviour looks like for their age and stage of development. Children are more likely to buy in to screentime rules when they’re involved in some of the decision-making.

Explain to them that it’s good to balance screen time with real life connections and activities and come up with some rules together e.g., no devices on weeknights or after a certain time at night.

Be prepared to update those screentime rules as your kids get older and technology changes – and try to model your own healthy screen behaviours so they can absorb those good habits too.

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