Energetic housework - it's a thing
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Grab that duster and feel the burn!

Trying to squeeze a workout into our day can often feel a step too far what with work, family, and never-ending chores. But good news! Housework can be an effective way of keeping fit and burning a few calories. So, slap on the sweatbands and try the energetic housework workout.

When it comes to physical health, New Zealanders are most worried about not being as fit as they should be. Interestingly 39 per cent are keeping active through energetic housework.

Take the vacuum for a spin

Pushing the vacuum cleaner around your floors helps work your legs, core, and upper body (and even more so if you decide to throw in a few squats or lunges as you vacuum). Thirty minutes of vacuuming can burn up to 166 calories1, so be sure to give all your floors and skirting boards a good once-over.

Wash up the dishes

Next, tackle the kitchen. Washing dishes by hand and clearing the counters can burn close to 160 calories2 - depending on the mountain of dishes and the size of your kitchen, of course!

Take the workout outside

Gardening is also a great form of exercise. Mowing the lawns for half an hour can burn up to 200 calories3. Grab the rake and spend another 30 minutes raking up leaves and lawn clippings and you can burn through another 178 calories4.

Next, give the car a wash by hand. Scrubbing your vehicle can burn another 200 calories over 30 minutes5.

Finally, pop on the kettle – it won’t burn any calories, but you will have definitely earned that afternoon cuppa!

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