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Southern Cross Hospitals harnesses the power of 3D

Monday, 3 February 2014 by Aimee Bourke

A state-of-the-art 3D HD surgical video system purchased by Southern Cross’ Brightside Hospital in Auckland has the ability to transform the way laparoscopic surgeries are carried out.

The Olympus 3DHD system is the first of its kind in New Zealand - and one of only four in Australasia – and delivers huge advantages to surgeons and patients.

Terry Moore, Southern Cross Hospitals CEO, says the Olympus 3D HD system restores the depth perception that was lost when surgeries moved from the traditional open procedure to the less invasive laparoscopic technique.

“One of the greatest challenges for surgeons performing laparoscopic procedures has been hand-eye coordination within a three dimensional scene that can only be viewed in two dimensions. This system essentially provides a realistic view of the tissue being worked on.”

Having an improved spatial view of the anatomy contributes to faster, safer and more accurate suturing, grasping and dissection during difficult surgical tasks, says Moore, and is particularly beneficial in the identification of blood vessels and nerves.

Research conducted overseas has concluded that laparoscopic training on a 3D system can potentially shorten the learning curve for surgeons because it eliminates the need to overcome the loss of stereoscopic vision.

The increased precision and accuracy also facilitates more efficient surgeries, consequently reducing the amount of time a patient spends under general anaesthesia and in hospital.

The Olympus system includes the Endoeye Flex 3D, the world’s first flexible tip video laparoscope, which gives surgeon’s the ability to view from any angle during surgery and can minimise blind spots, a particular benefit during technically difficult procedures.

Following a trial on the new equipment, urological surgeon, David Merrilees indicated he now has increased confidence to undertake more complex surgeries.

Moore added the Olympus 3D HD system demonstrates Southern Cross Hospitals’ commitment to providing the best possible healthcare service to the community.