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Southern Cross membership elects new director

Friday, 6 December 2013 by Aimee Bourke

Members elected a new director to the Southern Cross Medical Care Society Board atits 52nd AnnualGeneral Meeting yesterday.

As of today, Catherine Drayton replaces Phillip Meyer, who is retiring from the Board after eleven and a half years.

At the meeting, Graeme Hawkins, Southern Cross Medical Care Society Chairman said, “Phillip Meyer has helped Southern Cross transition from the merger with Aetna and into a modern digital age. He has overseen the stable investment growth we are so proud of and he has done all of this with great passion for the business and members. He has been a wonderful asset to our Board.”

Hawkins, says, “New Board member Ms Drayton brings an exceptionally strong record of governance experience to our Board.

“She is a Director of Christchurch International Airport Ltd, Ngai Tahu Holdings Corporation and BECA Group limited, as well as chairing the audit & risk committee of CERA (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority), being on the University of Canterbury Council and being a director of the NZ Hockey Federation. Previously she has served on the boards of Meridian Energy Limited and Callaghan Innovation Research Limited (formerly Industrial Research Limited).”

The voting of directors also saw existing Director Elizabeth Hickey re-elected to the Southern Cross Board and Director Keith Taylor appointed as a Trustee.

Group CEO, Ian McPherson announced to the meeting that he intends to retire from the Group Chief Executive role at the end of June 2014, after 12 years at the helm. He will continue at Southern Cross for a further year, working with the Chairman and Board on important Southern Cross, health sector and strategic matters part-time, and to enable a well-planned and smooth transition.

The Board congratulated McPherson, saying he can be proud of the achievements of Southern Cross over the last decade and more. Hawkins said that the Board would determine a process in the New Year to find a replacement. This would be likely to include considering internal, local and international candidates.

“Southern Cross and the Group's various businesses are all leaders in their respective fields, and commercially in strong positions. With all of the Southern Cross businesses in good shape, the time is right to start planning for a seamless transition” Hawkins said.

The meeting concluded, with the Board signalling that they intend to consult with members in 2014 about Directors remuneration, which hasn’t been increased since 1997.