Community Impact Report 2020

As champions for health and wellness, we want every Kiwi to live their healthiest life. In this report, we outline what we have been doing in the last year to contribute to the communities we are part of.

With All New Zealanders,
With Our Communities

Community Impact Report 2020

Download here (2.5mb PDF)

Looking after New Zealanders

At Southern Cross, social responsibility guides everything we do. We want Kiwis to flourish and we want to see stronger communities that embrace the nation’s diversity.

1 million+

We take care of the health and wellness of many Kiwis


In 2019 we looked after more than 180,000 people at our wholly owned and joint venture hospitals and day surgery facilities across the country

Smile New Zealand

In just 12 months, we funded dental surgeries across the country to support dentists provide free dental treatment for 851 New Zealanders

3 million claims

Our payouts for health insurance claims included 254,659 surgical procedures, 481,390 specialist consultations, 628,728 prescriptions and 701,400 GP visits

Healthy Futures Report

We launched the inaugural Healthy Futures Report which explored the health and wellbeing attitudes and behaviours of more than 3,000 Kiwis - starting in 2019 and continuing through to alert levels 4 and 3

40,000 pets+

Many New Zealand households insured their pets with us

More than 200,000 journeys

We insured 211,244* journeys and paid out on more than 31,000 travel insurance claims received, the majority of which were purchased before COVID-19 impacted New Zealand and Australia


Most of our hospital patients would recommend us to others, based on our latest patient satisfaction surveys

Expansion of Pause Breathe Smile

We joined forces with the Pause Breathe Smile Trust and the Mental Health Foundation to offer a mind health programme at no cost to any primary and intermediate school in New Zealand

3.4 million online visits

We had 3.4 million visits to our online medical library

4,000 businesses

Thousands of Kiwi businesses choose Southern Cross as their health insurance partner

All figures relate to the financial year ended 30 June 2020 unless stated otherwise.
*(NZ and AU combined)

With all New Zealanders, with our communities

Community Impact Report 2020

Download here (2.5mb PDF)

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