Physical health and wellbeing is about being visibly healthy and what Kiwis are doing with their body to achieve this.

People generally feel like they know what they need to do to be physically healthy and well. However it also carries the greatest amount of guilt and frustration when people don’t live up to these ideals because they feel like they should know better.

The factors Kiwis most strongly associate with physical health are…

Avoiding smoking
Eating a balanced diet
Getting enough sleep
Most Kiwis are knowledgeable about what healthy food is (89%) but one in five don’t know how to prepare healthy meals (22 %)
Over half of parents worry about their kids eating healthy food (62%)
Kiwis are happier with their children’s (69%) or partner’s weight (62%) than their own (44%)
Over half of Kiwis report not getting enough sleep (54 %)
The most popular way to keep active is through energetic housework (38%)
Many Kiwis are being more active than six months ago (41%)

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