Not for Profit graphicWhat sets us apart

We are committed to advancing the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders, and to doing all we can to ensure Kiwi households have access to quality care and services, now and for generations to come.

Not for profit.  For you

As a friendly society and a charitable trust, there are no outside shareholders and no dividends to pay. That’s what we mean when we say we put Kiwis first. 85% of the money we receive in health insurance premiums, for example, is spent on healthcare. 

As a group, we are focused on advancing the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. Surpluses from our independent entities are responsibly invested for the future. Southern Cross Healthcare reinvests in hospital facilities and new technology. Southern Cross Health Society uses it to help stabilise health insurance premiums or add extra benefits for our Society members and Southern Cross Health Trust supports Kiwis in need.

Helping when we are needed

NurseNever far from our minds is the responsibility of knowing that people turn to us when they most need help. We make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s healthcare system. In the 2020 financial year we paid more than 3 million health insurance claims, including over 254,000 surgical procedures. We also covered more than 700,000 GP visits, more than 480,000 specialist consultations and over 628,000 prescriptions.

Everyone is welcome to use our national network of facilities, whether or not they have insurance. In fact, our hospitals regularly provide care to ACC, DHB and self-paying patients. In every case, we promise to use our expertise and experience to care for the people who trust us to look after them.

Southern  Cross Travel insurance is the leading direct travel insurer in New Zealand and also has a presence in Australia. It also provides cover for visitors to New Zealand through its Visiting New Zealand and International Student travel insurance policies.

We also insure more than 43,000 much-loved pets (two thirds of them dogs and one third cats) and paid out $11.9m in the 2020 financial year in pet insurance claims. We’ve also partnered with the New Zealand Veterinary Association, Pet Refuge and SPCA to help more Kiwi pets live happier, healthier lives.


PDF: Community Impact Report 2020 

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