Emotional health and wellbeing is about Kiwis’ outlook on the world and how they carry themselves through life.

New Zealanders see emotional health and wellbeing as something that needs to be actively pursued and maintained, but there’s not a lot of clarity around how best to do this. Mostly people approach this in a reactive way - when something goes wrong.

The emotional wellbeing worries of New Zealanders

Kiwis strongly associate mental wellbeing with being healthy (73%)
Only two thirds report being happy with their current mental state (64%)
Over half of parents are concerned about their children’s resilience (55%)
A quarter of Kiwis have felt stressed in the past month (24%)
Having too much to think about is what keeps Kiwis awake the most (52%)
Most Kiwis believe pets help to relieve stress (85%)
The majority of people feel less stressed after a holiday (78%)
Less than half of Kiwis use positive thinking as a way to improve emotional health and wellbeing (41%)
Over half of Kiwis worry about not having enough money (57%)

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