Annual reports

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Southern Cross Medical Care Society (which trades as the Southern Cross Health Society) and Southern Cross Health Trust (Hospitals, Travel Insurance and Pet Insurance) produce separate annual reports outlining their financial performance for the period ending 30 June each year.  


Southern Cross Medical Care Society:

Download SCMCS 2018 Annual Report - Summary

Download SCMCS 2018 Annual Report - Financial Statements

The Society has produced a short video about the 2018 annual report.  View the video here.

Southern Cross Health Trust:

Download Southern Cross Health Trust 2018 Annual Report


Download Southern Cross Health Trust 2017 Annual Report

The Society's 2017 Annual Report is in two parts:

Download SCMCS 2017 Annual Report - Summary

Download SCMCS 2017 Annual Report - Financial Statements


Download Southern Cross Health Trust 2016 Annual Report

The Society's 2016 Annual Report is in two parts:

Download SCMCS 2016 Annual Report - Summary

Download SCMCS 2016 Annual Report - Financial Statements



Download Southern Cross Medical Care Society 2015 Annual Report

Download Southern Cross Health Trust 2015 Annual Report