Create a culture of wellbeing

Wellness has a significant impact on the productivity of most businesses1. When you show your employees you care about their health and wellbeing they will be more engaged, and a positive workplace culture boosts performance.

A workplace wellbeing programme can help you to:

  • Improve workplace culture

    Improve workplace culture

  • Increase employee engagement

    Increase employee engagement

  • Become an employer of choice

    Become an employer of choice

  • how your team you care

    Show your team
    you care

What do we offer?

Southern Cross’ workplace health and wellbeing programme, BeingWell, is a comprehensive solution, easily customizable for wherever your business is on your wellbeing journey. BeingWell provides a wide range of credible content and easy-to-implement initiatives to engage your team year-round.

Plan for a healthier year with the BeingWell Hub

The BeingWell Hub is where you can access curated health content from trusted experts, digital health education toolkits, downloadable resources, case studies, partner offers and more.

BeingWell Extras

Add more value to your programme with BeingWell Extras. These include expert seminars, events, and workplace health services like flu vaccinations and health checks, that you can pay for as you go.

Starting your own BeingWell programme is easy

With initial team and workplace assessments, a Southern Cross consultant will work with you to design your calendar of initiatives for the year. We provide a launch campaign to help you create buzz, excitement and engagement as soon as you’re ready to start.

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