Before you start

Before you start your application, find out what information you’ll need to help with your selections.

Who can apply

To apply you need to be:

  • New Zealand citizens, holders of a resident visa or those otherwise entitled to publicly funded health and disability services. (If you are not sure about your public healthcare entitlement, look at the Ministry of Health website)
  • aged 18 years or over. (If you are aged 16 or 17 please contact us on 0800 100 777 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday for further information.)
To use this online application form, you need to be a new policyholder. If you, or any of the people to be covered in your health insurance plan, are already a member of Southern Cross, contact us on 0800 800 181 about how to change your existing plan.

Information you need before you start the application

You’ll also need to know:

  • what private health insurance covers and what it doesn’t
  • which plan you want, and the premium you’ll be paying If you are not sure of these find how to get help
  • which family members, if any, you will be including on your policy.

Subsidised work schemes

Are you joining Southern Cross through your employer and does your employer contribute to the cost of your health insurance? If so, please contact us to find out whether or not your work scheme is classed as ‘subsidised’.

It’s important to find this out as you need to know:

  • whether you should complete the full application with health questions, or the short application without health questions
  • any rules on policy start dates or plan choices for your work scheme.
Please call us on 0800getcover, or ask your adviser or your employer.

Health details for all people on the policy

You may include your husband/wife or partner and any child (including stepchildren or adopted children) on your policy. A child means a person under 21 years of age (and is charged at child rates). Unless we have advised you to use the short application you will need to provide health details of everyone you are including on the policy, such as:

  • the last time they went to the doctor, what the visit was for and what the outcome was
  • a detailed health condition history (there is a list of 32 questions)

What you will be getting as part of your health insurance

Generally we provide cover for private, non-acute, non-accident related treatment in New Zealand. Full details of what you will have cover for is in our policy documents. You can find these on our website.

What isn’t included in your health insurance

There is a list of exclusions in the policy document for things that we never provide cover for, for example, Aids/HIV, termination of pregnancy, cosmetic treatment or surgery. We also generally do not cover pre-existing conditions unless we specifically tell you otherwise.


ACC is your first point of contact for all accidents or treatment injuries. The policy document sets out how your cover under the policy works for healthcare services related to an accident or treatment injury.


If you need emergency treatment, you should go to your nearest Accident and Emergency unit at a public hospital. Southern Cross does not reimburse charges for emergency treatment. It is your responsibility to advise Southern Cross when ACC or another insurer is involved in any claim submitted under your policy.

What happens when you join

We’ll send you a welcome pack which includes:

  • a policy document, with the terms and conditions of your policy
  • a membership certificate
  • a claim form.

Please read the policy document carefully so you understand what you have cover for. From time to time Southern Cross Health Society may change or update which health services you have cover for, the scope of cover, and terms and conditions of your policy and premiums. This enables us to keep pace with advances in medical technology. We will write to let you know about any such changes.