General eligibility

To apply you need to be

  • a New Zealand citizen or otherwise entitled to free public healthcare. If you are not sure about your public healthcare entitlement, contact us or look at the Ministry of Health website
  • aged 18 years or over. If you are aged 16 or 17 please contact us on 0800 100 777 for further information.
To use this online application form, you need to be a new policyholder. If you, or any of the people to be covered in your health insurance plan, are already a member of Southern Cross, call us on 0800 800 181 to find out how to change your existing plan.

Email address

We need your email address so we can email you a unique link to your application. This means you can stop and start during the application process.

Subsidised work schemes

Are you joining Southern Cross through your employer or does your employer contribute to the cost of your health insurance? If so, please contact us to find out whether or not your work scheme is classed as ‘subsidised’. This is important because you need to know

  • whether you should complete the full application with health questions, or the short application without health questions
  • if there are any rules on policy start dates or plan choices for your work scheme.

Please call us 0800 GET COVER (438 268), or ask your adviser or your employer.