Recurring credit card - terms and conditions

I authorise you until further notice in writing to charge my credit card with all the amounts due on my Southern Cross Medical Care Society account from time to time, on or after the payment due date.

Your credit card will be charged on a payment date determined by us. We'll give you at least 10 days written notice prior to your first payment, by sending you an invoice / statement. To help us, please ensure you submit this authority at least 15 days before your first payment is due. If we don't receive this from you in time or if we're unable to process your request in time, your first payment may occur on another payment date determined by us and the first payment may include more than one billing period. If you were previously paying by credit card your payment date won't change.

We will automatically adjust the payment amount when changes happen to your policy and notify you in advance of the payment date and amount. You may terminate this authority for future payments by giving us formal notice. Where a request to terminate has been received, we will try to cancel future payments as soon as we can but there may be circumstances where we are unable to do this until after the next scheduled payment.

You are responsible for updating your credit card details when you change credit card issuers or receive a replacement credit card with a new card number. You can update your details anytime using My Southern Cross.

If you are making a one off credit card payment, you agree that Southern Cross Medical Care Society can charge the amount entered in the ‘Amount to pay’ window to your credit card.