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Research results 'Employer benefits'

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 by the Southern Cross team


Key findings of a joint study undertaken by Southern Cross Health Society and TNS in October 2015 around the employer benefits of health insurance.


Positive impact on absenteeism

  • Businesses offering subsidised health insurance for their full-time employees can experience on average 17 per cent reduction in absenteeism.
  • Decreased absenteeism contributes to less stress and workload for remaining employees - one third of employees believe they will suffer greater stress when their colleagues are absent due to a serious condition.
  • Employees without health insurance are waiting twice as long for elective surgery than those with subsidised health insurance.

Valuable for attracting staff

  • A third of all full-time employees say that, when choosing new employers, subsidised health insurance is more important than subsidised income protection, the employer’s corporate reputation and recommendations from friends or family.


 Effective retention tool

  • Employees with subsidised health insurance believe they are more likely to stay with their employer than employees without it.
  • Employees with subsidised health insurance rate their job satisfaction higher than those without health insurance.


Proactive health management

  • Employees with subsidised health insurance manage their health more actively* than those without.

*By being more likely to visit a doctor for a regular check-up, a medical specialist or physiotherapist and have elective surgery.


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