Winter beauty tips

Chilly, damp, sunless days and over-heated office spaces can make winter a season of beauty challenges. What can you do to maintain a healthy glow during the cooler months? 

Change your cleanser

If you usually use a lathering kind of cleanser, switch to a wash-off cream cleanser for winter – it’s less drying and feels more comforting for your skin.

Choose a richer moisturiser

 Your skin tends to be drier in winter, so switching to a richer moisturiser can help. Look for the words ‘hydration-boosting’ and avoid oil-free products. 

Switch to a moisturising hair routine

Your hair is also likely to be drier and frizzier in winter. Shelve your summer products and choose salon-quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner. When you’re blow drying, avoid the hottest setting and always start by applying a thermo-active styling product that will protect your hair from heat damage. 

Eat walnuts 

Walnuts are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which is important for keeping your skin moist and supple. Buy walnuts unshelled by the bag – they’ll be fresher.

Keep your home warm, but not too toasty

Overheating your home can make dry skin problems worse. Aim for a pleasant 20 to 21°C.

Go for the glow

Exercise gets your circulation moving, which is very good for your skin. If it’s miserable outside, put on an exercise DVD and get busy. 

Eat chillies to avoid the extra kilos  

Winter comfort food can add a couple of kilos before spring rolls around. Eating a couple of chilli-hot meals a week helps to reduce your appetite. Even chilli-laced tomato juice before each meal can decrease the number of calories you eat. 

Give eczema the honey treatment 

If you have trouble with eczema, it could be worse in winter. Try treating your eczema with New Zealand manuka honey. Spread it on with a bread and butter knife and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing off. 

Hair rescue remedy

After shampooing, comb a moisturising conditioner through your hair – make sure there’s plenty on the ends. Wrap your head in plastic wrap or pop on a shower cap, then watch a movie, do some baking or paint your nails. Wait at least an hour before rinsing the conditioner out. 

Avoid very hot showers

On a chilly morning it’s tempting to turn up the hot and steam yourself crayfish pink, but it’s not great for your skin – especially if you have problems with dryness. Aim for the lukewarm end of the shower spectrum. 

Give your lips a night-time treat

Apply a beeswax lip balm before you turn out the light. It’ll help you to avoid painful cracked lips. The tip is especially important when you have a cold and have to breathe through your mouth.