The happiness that we can create for ourselves by showing our appreciation has far-reaching effects, both for ourselves and for those we come into contact with. Check out this great article.

The cure for Mondayitis

It’s Monday, and you’re at your desk wishing you weren’t at your desk. What can you do to make Mondays manageable, or even positively enjoyable? Here are some ideas from our team.

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Break your routine

Don't get in a rut and embrace change. Check out this article highlighting 25 new things you can do today! Things like taking a technology break, calling your mum, wearing a new lippy, waking up an hour early...go for it.

Winter beauty tips

Chilly, damp, sunless days and over-heated office spaces can make winter a season of beauty challenges. What can you do to maintain a healthy glow during the cooler months? We’ve got the lowdown.

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