5 ways to get into shape if gyms aren't your thing

Once winter kicks in it doesn't automatically mean you should be less active The good news is that it doesn’t take a scary amount of physical activity to notice changes in how you look and feel. To feel healthier and happier find activities that you’ll enjoy and want to stick to, even in cooler weather.

1. Walk, up!

As we know there are many health benefits from walking moderately for at least 30 minutes a day (managing weight, lower risk for diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer).1 But if you add some variety to the terrain where you walk and add hills or stairs to work up a sweat, you’ll burn more calories and start to notice results almost immediately.2 Hill walking is a great way to get your body into shape; your lower half will gain more tone and definition.2 

2. Boot camp with friends and a trainer

Join a local boot camp, or rally a group of your friends and hire a trainer between you to bring the cost down. Exercising with friends is very social and great for motivation – letting your group down when you’re a no-show is a no-go.

Boot camps cover a variety of exercises providing full-body strength and cardiovascular workouts in a single hour. Typically you’ll do running, ab exercises, push-ups and resistance training. These types of exercises improve all aspects of fitness and increases your lean muscle mass within a short period of time.3 This is a proven way to tone up, get lean and feel amazing.

3. Hit the water

Break out your swimming goggles and hit the local pools. Swimming is a great way for anyone of any fitness level to get moving, whether it’s a challenge for you to do 2 or 20 lengths! It keeps your heart rate up with no impact, builds muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness so is great for toning all over your body.4

4. Have a swing at tennis

It’s a fun and social spring/summer activity. Getting out and about will give you a boost and really help your mood. It's the ultimate workout - providing cardiovascular conditioning, plus strength and toning for your muscles. It's also fun and brilliant for stress busting after busy workdays!

5. Join a team sport

They’re great for motivation because it feels more like fun than hard work! You could join a local team for rugby, soccer or netball. Playing outside in the fresh air with some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), you’ll get a work out without it feeling like a drag (or you can try one of the indoor equivalents). Additional running or cycling each week would be helpful for your fitness.  

Other ways to be more active

Don't forget the benefits you’ll get from the small surprising ways to get more activity into your life such as taking the stairs instead of lift, parking a little further away from where you need to go, dancing on a night out, pacing the malls while shopping - or the best one - walking or biking to work.

Aim to get your body moving enough to sweat three or more times a week – and you’ll soon be feeling summer-ready, more energetic and healthier. And when you’re healthy you look and feel better. It’s important to support your health with proactive maintenance through GP visits, physio, dental checks and more. Southern Cross has the perfect plan to keep your body in good form that includes day-to-day healthcare, check out HealthEssentials.  

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