Expansion of Affiliated Provider-only services

Thursday, 1 October 2015 by Helen King


A number of services will move into the Affiliated Provider programme in the coming year. Once there is enough coverage nationwide, these services will become ‘Affiliated Provider-only’ under our policies. At present, more than 45 per cent of all Southern Cross claims are paid directly to Affiliated Providers and our aim is to grow this to 60 per cent by 2016.

We are now contracting for the following services:

Ophthalmology Immunotherapy Skin Cardiac surgery Imaging
vitrectomy biopsy valve replacements mammography
entropian and ectropian repair cryotherapy coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery
blepharoplasty curettage and diathermy valvuplasty
ptosis surgery
removal of tarsal cyst
probing/ syringing of lacrimal duct
bleb needling
initial and follow up consultations
(adult and child)
fundus fluorescein angiography
fundus photography
visual field tests
corneal topography
retinal photography
optic disc photos
matrix screen