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How to manage workplace stress

Thursday, 26 April 2018 by the Southern Cross team


Modern living is full of wonders - and dangers, especially for our mental health.

As we handle more tasks at faster speeds, and witness the world around us changing before our eyes, the toll on our mental resilience can start to tell.

Stress is up by a net 22.9% in workplaces across New Zealand[i] with 75% of Kiwis reporting being stressed at least once a week, and half reporting feeling stress several times a week.[ii]

This can have a negative impact on workplace productivity, engagement and absenteeism. So it makes sense that "stress" was the #1 topic most businesses were interested in when surveyed at our recent Wellbeing Now conference.

The business benefits of looking after the mental wellbeing of the team are significant, and the business case is compelling.

If you're thinking about how to support the mental wellbeing of your team, a BeingWell programme is a good place to start.

BeingWell covers positive mental wellbeing initiatives, and can help create positive change in the workplace and people's lives.

You'll find well-researched articles and resources covering everything from mindfulness in the workplace, the value of taking breaks, how to create a work-life balance and strategies for handling stress.

Much of this content has been developed in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, who are just one of the key supporters we have in place to provide support.  You can also tap into a number of full service workplace psychological experts for seminars.

[i] Wellness in the workplace survey; Southern Cross & Business NZ, 2017

[ii] Kantar, 2016 - need help locating this source


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