Pause Breathe Smile with Southern Cross

The programme helping children and their teachers thrive


As New Zealand’s leading independent health and wellness provider, Southern Cross Healthcare is proud to partner with the Pause Breathe Smile Trust and the Mental Health Foundation to open up the nation’s own locally designed and internationally recognised schools’ mindfulness programme to school children aged five to 12.

Pause Breathe Smile equips children with tools to manage the ups and downs of life and set them up for a healthy future. By June 2020 the programme had reached over 88,000 children in more than 320 schools. Delivered by teachers, it’s aligned with the New Zealand curriculum and fully funded by Southern Cross.

Pause Breathe Smile has also had a positive effect on more than 6,500 teachers who have welcomed the opportunity to enhance their own mental health.

Bron, from AGE School in Auckland, said tamariki struggling with uncertainty get access to a range of tools through Pause Breathe Smile, and supporting them in the pandemic environment is needed now more than ever. Embedding the strategies into her own daily practice has brought her a sense of calm too.

Markus, a teacher at Wānaka Primary, said he’s experienced so many children, especially boys, who have difficulty controlling their anger, frustration, and aggression. Girls often struggle with thinking positive and self-confidence which can lead them into a circle of self-doubt, and sadness. He has often felt helpless about how to help his students control their emotions and thoughts however, Pause Breathe Smile now helps him manage this.

For more information, see the Pause Breathe Smile website here.

No cost to schools

Our involvement makes it possible for Pause Breathe Smile to be available free of charge to any primary and intermediate school in the country.

Get Pause Breathe Smile into your school

If you would like your local school to offer the Pause Breathe Smile programme, or you’re interested in more information about how New Zealand’s tamariki can benefit from accessing mind health skills, please contact the Pause Breathe Smile team directly.

Free wellbeing resources

It’s important that all tamariki and whānau can access the benefits of building positive mind health skills.

Pause Breathe Smile offers free resources including guided mindfulness practices, videos and activities which can be used at home or in the classroom.

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