Social health and wellbeing is about feeling connected and having a relationship with people and the community.

For New Zealanders, their sense of social health and wellbeing acts as a source of feedback and validation for how they are doing in life (their social status). It's a measure of what they believe has been given back to them based on what they have put out into the world.

How New Zealanders feel about their personal relationships

The majority of Kiwis are happy with their family life (73%)
Three in five Kiwis are happy with their romantic relationships (58%)
Over half of New Zealanders are happy with their social life / friendships (61%)
Two thirds of parents spend less than 11 hours of quality time with their children (64%) per week, but over half want to spend more time with them (55%)
Most Kiwis feel that technology has brought them closer to distant family and friends (72%) but one in three believe the time they spend online negatively impacts their real-life relationships (36%)
Most Kiwis agree that finding a good work-life balance is important (88%)
Half of Kiwis believe spending time with family helps to improve health and wellbeing (54%)
Less than half of people feel happy about the connection they have to their community (44%)
The majority of Kiwis believe pets are good for the health and wellbeing of their owners (87%)

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