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New Director Remuneration Policy 2014

The Board signalled during the Southern Cross Medical Care Society’s 2013 AGM process (in the Notice of Meeting and at the meeting itself) that it was considering a review of fees payable to Directors for their service to the Society. The Board also invited input (by email and at the meeting) from members who had views on this subject.

The Board was pleased to receive some thoughtful submissions covering a range of opinions. Some members focused on the not-for-profit, member-driven nature of our Society; others acknowledged the need to have strong and competent governance given the size and significance of our health insurance business.

As a result, the Board decided to consider adopting a Director Remuneration Policy that would balance these important factors, and enable better member understanding of the Director remuneration review process.  On 1 May the Board published a draft policy and invited interested members and representative organisations to give feedback by 1 June 2014.  And, after considering feedback received, the Board adopted the new policy at its 27 June meeting.

  Director Remuneration Policy

The Board subsequently applied the policy in a review of Director remuneration, which was the subject of a resolution passed at the Society’s AGM on 4 December 2014.

Member Tenure Project 2012

This project was established as a result of two resolutions passed at the Society’s 2011 AGM to look into the subject of recognising members of long-standing. 
The project commenced in March 2012 and concluded in August 2012. It encompassed member consultation, research, detailed data analysis and evaluation of possible discount models.
The key outcomes were:
  • The Society will look in greater detail at the concept of recognising members who have been low claimers over a longer assessment period than the two years associated with our current Low Claims Reward.
  • The idea of providing premium discounts to members based solely on their length of membership will not be pursued any further.
Chairman Graeme Hawkins says the findings of the project demonstrated that a discount based only on length of membership would not be equitable to all members and would be unsustainable for the Society.
Mr Hawkins emphasised that the project outcome did not diminish the concern long-held by the Board and management about rising healthcare costs and the high cost of premiums for older members. “We are focused on doing what we can to moderate claims cost escalation to ensure health insurance remains as affordable as possible.”
The Board thanks those members who took an interest in, or made a contribution to, the Member Tenure Project.

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