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Society Rules consultation: 22 July – 16 August 2015

The Southern Cross Health Society is looking to update and modernise its constitution, known as the Rules. And we’re keen to have your feedback.

It is a legal requirement of the Friendly Societies and Credit Unions Act 1982 that organisations such as Southern Cross have Rules that set out things to do with the Society’s role and how it is governed (for example its powers, rules on membership, appointing trustees and directors, holding meetings etc).

Some of the proposed updates in the Consultation Draft Rules arise from recent law changes; others are intended to make the Rules simpler, more modern, and easier to understand. The Summary of Proposed Rule Changes outlines the updates and the reasons for them.

The Society’s Board is keen to consider members’ views before settling on the extent and nature of any Rule changes to go to the 2015 Annual General Meeting on 1 December for members’ approval.
You can be part of the process by reading these consultation documents and sending us your comments, questions and suggestions. 

  Summary of Proposed Rule Changes 
  Consultation Draft Rules – July 2015

If you’d like to have your say, please email your submissions to by 16 August 2015. 

Process underway to identify Director election candidate

The Southern Cross Medical Care Society has commenced a process to identify a suitably qualified and proven director to join its Board. In late April the Board called for expressions of interest via this website and newspaper advertisements; it is now working through a process of assessing potential candidates. The Board’s preferred candidate will be identified by 1 September and endorsed by the Board for election at the Society’s AGM on 1 December 2015. 

Member Tenure Project 2012

This project was established as a result of two resolutions passed at the Society’s 2011 AGM to look into the subject of recognising members of long-standing.  The project commenced in March 2012 and concluded in August 2012. It encompassed member consultation, research, detailed data analysis and evaluation of possible discount models.
The idea of providing premium discounts to members based on their length of membership was explored.  However, the project found that such a discount would not be equitable to all members and would be unsustainable for the Society so could not be pursued.  This outcome does not diminish the concern long-held by the Board and management about rising healthcare costs and the high cost of premiums for older members. 

Other Board News

Following are links to news items, reports and updates related to the Governance of the Southern Cross Medical Care Society (the legal name of the Southern Cross Health Society).